Hello – I’m Jim Sanders and I like bourbon.

My parents once told me that when I was a teething baby, they would rub bourbon on my gums to numb the pain and keep me from crying. I attribute this medicinal act to one of the reasons that I’m now such a bourbon fan. Later in my teenage years, as my dad taught me to drink responsibly, he told me that the proper way to drink whiskey was either neat, on the rocks, or with a splash of water. When he dropped me off at college, he created a care package of liquor — one of almost every standard type, scotch (a blend), vodka, gin, and a bourbon — the standard Evan Williams black.

After college, I went through a single malt scotch stage after my dad, brother and I spent a weekend tasting five or six single malts from different areas. I developed a taste for the Speyside region (okay, almost anything from the highlands) and my love of scotch lasted until my tastes outgrew my wallet.

My current attraction to bourbon came about when I started researching the spirit when I learned that it was labeled “the” American spirit by a congressional bill passed in 1964. Partly because it would be cheaper than scotch and partly because I tend to overanalyze things, I decided to make bourbon my drink (and research subject). I got into bourbon prior to the current craze and because of that have actually purchased some now unfindable bottles, and at retail rather than the inflated or secondary prices. I can still remember when the BTAC bottles could be found sitting on the shelf, rather than hidden for “special” customers behind the counter.

I’ve lived within 80 miles of Memphis my entire life. I’ve been married for almost 32 years to a wonderful wife who is into WordPress and social media. We have two grown daughters and two “fur children.” In addition to bourbon I’m passionate about fountain pens and the St. Louis Cardinals.

Does the internet need another blog about bourbon? I’m not sure, but let’s find out together.

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